The John Batchelor Show

Friday May 10th, 2019

Air Date: 
May 10, 2019

The John Batchelor Show

Hour 1: 

Block A: Bill Whalen (Topic: Democrat Differences) (@HooverWhalen)

Block B: Jeff Bliss  (Topic: Pacific Watch) (@JCBliss)

Block C: Chris Riegel (Topic: Apple Pay & Mobile Banking) (@scalainc)

Block D: John Tamny (Topic: Uber & Stocks) (@johntamny)

Hour 2:

Block A: Michael Vlahos (Topic: Impeachment) (@JHUWorldCrisis)

Block B: Michael Vlahos (Topic: Impeachment) (@JHUWorldCrisis)

Block C: Gene Marks (Topic: Small Business America) (@GeneMarks)

Block D: Gene Marks (Topic: Small Business America) (@GeneMarks)

Hour 3:

Block A: Bob Zimmerman (Topic: Space)

Block B: Bob Zimmerman (Topic: NASA)

Block C: Richard Epstein (Topic: Brown v. Board) (@RichardAEpstein)

Block D: Richard Epstein (Topic: Barr) (@RichardAEpstein)

Hour 4:

Block A: John Fund (Topic: Joe Biden) (@JohnFund)

Block B: Christian Whiton (Topic: Immigration) (@ChristianWhiton)

Block C:  Hotel Mars (Topic: SLS Rockets w/ Rand Simberg) (@spaceshow)

Block D:  Hotel Mars (Topic: w/ David Kipping & EXO Moons) (@spaceshow)