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Saturday 27 October 2011

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October 27, 2012


Picture, above: Two hundred years ago during the presidential election, the War of 1812 began.


Saturday 905P Eastern Time:   Ben Smith, Editor of BuzzFeed, in re:

Saturday 920P Eastern Time:   Tom Jensen, Director of Public Policy Polling, in re: the latest election polling data

Saturday 935P Eastern Time:  Dr. Tom Cantu, in re:  the epidemic of concussions in youth and professional sports

Saturday 950P Eastern Time:   Lori Greiner, inventor & entrepreneur, in re: star of Shark Tank and QVC.

Saturday 1005P (705P Pacific):  Daniel Coyle, author, The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France and The Talent Code in re: Lance Armstrong and doping in cycling.

Saturday 1020P (720P Pacific):   Mick Cornett, mayor of Oklahoma City, in re:

Saturday 1035P (735P Pacific):  Robert Wright, in re: the elections

Saturday 1050P (750P Pacific):  Graham Allison, Harvard, in re: 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis

Saturday 1105P (805P Pacific):   Hari Sreenivasan, The Digital Campaign, in re: PBS Newshour and Frontline.

Saturday 1120P (820P Pacific):  Emma Macdonald, Cranfield Customer Management Forum, sr mktg lecturer & research dir, in re:

Saturday 1135P (835P Pacific):   Collum Borchers, Boston Globe political reporter, in re: the presidential race.

Saturday 1150P (850P Pacific):  Steve Bonnadio, InnoCentive (online marketplace for crowd-sourcing solutions), in re:

Saturday/Sun 1205A (905 Pacific):  Ben Smith, Editor of BuzzFeed, in re:

Saturday/Sun 1220A (920 Pacific):   Tom Jensen, Director of Public Policy Polling, in re: the latest election polling data

Saturday/Sun 1235A (935P Pacific): Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr senior Fellow & dir of Asia studies, Council on Foreign Relations; Asia Unbound blog; in re:

Saturday/Sun 1250A  (950P Pacific): Exeunt.

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