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Sunday 21 October 2011

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October 21, 2012


Photo, above:  North Korea at night. Regular power outages leave the entire country in the dark much of the time (except, of course, the regal compounds of the Kim family and their close minions).


Sunday  905PM Eastern (605P Pacific): Jeff Green, Bloomberg News, in re:  Debbie Warner of Michigan, a UAW worker back on the job at much lower wages, is happy to have a good Christmas for her children and thankful that her father does daycare for her.

Sunday 920PM Eastern (620P Pacific): Margaret Collins, Bloomberg, in re:   how superrich families (over $100 million) are turning away from the markets and toward asset purchases of art and gold and gems, and why.

Sunday 935PM Eastern (635P Pacific): Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia's Underground Railroad by Melanie Kirkpatrick ; 1 of 2


Escape from North Korea should be assigned reading for anyone—policymaker, academic, or journalist alike—who think they know anything about the Kim family dictatorship. Melanie Kirkpatrick shows how “the new Underground Railroad” is not only providing an escape route from the prison camp that is North Korea, but something even more important as well. She shows how that escape route, aided and expanded, can bring down North Korea’s despotic regime and free its entire people. Kirkpatrick combines exhaustive reporting with insightful analysis in a powerful and compelling tale of repression and freedom.” — John R. Bolton, Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations


Sunday 950PM Eastern (650P Pacific): Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia's Underground Railroad by Melanie Kirkpatrick ; 2 of 2

Sunday 1005PM EDT (705P Pacific):   Dan Frosch, NYT, in re:   protesters become tree-sitters in Texas to block the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline that is the result of land sales and court decisions.

Sunday 1020PM EDT (720P Pacific): Mark Schroeder, Stratfor, in re:   the deteriorating conditions in Mali, now a failed and rogue state in the hands of Jihadists and drug runners.

Sunday 1035PM EDT (735P Pacific): Chester Dawson WSJ, in re:   the revival of Datsun;  the new car will be smaller and cheaper, a worldwide trend; will it sell in America?

Sunday 1050PM EDT (750P Pacific): Bill Vlasic, NYT, in re:   the bankruptcy and failure of another Obama green energy pick: A123, the battery maker, now for sale to Johnson Controls.

Sunday 1105PM EDT (805P Pacific): Marc Coleman, Irish Talk Radio,“Coleman at Large” from Latvia, in re:   the state of Ireland in the Euro Crisis, the state of Latvia, also looking at the US election from Europe,

Sunday 1120PM EDT (820P Pacific): Marc Coleman, continued,

Sunday 1135PM EDT (835P Pacific): Brian Latell, author, “Castro’s Secrets: The CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine.” “Castro’s Secrets begins like a slow murder mystery then builds damning fact after damning fact into a conclusive, ground-breaking portrait, based on firsthand sources, of how the Cuban strongman—in all his evil brilliance—frequently ran circles around the CIA . . . The most interesting parts of his narrative revolve around how much Castro knew about the plot to kill Kennedy, and a parallel attempt, on the part of the CIA, to assassinate the Cuban dictator . . . One of the successes of Castro’s Secrets is that it offers readers a view of both sides of the shadow war.”--The Daily Beast

Sunday 1150PM EDT (850P Pacific):

Sunday/Mon 1205AM EDT (905 Pacific): Nathan Popper, NYT, in re:   the end of high-frequency trading, the decline and fall of profits, and why

Sunday/Mon 1220AM EDT (920 Pacific): John Bussey, WSJ, in re:   the reformation of corporate governance, improvements since 2008.

Sunday/Mon 1235AM EDT (935P Pacific): Peggy Ellis, in re:  Rescue in the Philippines, the unknown-till-now story of cigar maker brothers guiding Manila to rescue 1300 German Jews from the Holocaust,

Sunday/Mon 1250AM EDT (950P Pacific): Bill Roggio, FDD, in re:  attacks on Army base in Yemen follow same pattern of attack on Air Base in Afghanistan; the al Q playbook.. 

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