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Sunday 7 October 2012

Air Date: 
October 07, 2012


(Photo: Narsaq, Greenland, where the retreat of the summer ice means the fishing population declines and the mining possibilites explode.)

905P: Catherine Rampell, NYT, continued decline in graduate school applications, what graduate schools are slipping, where there is strength.

920P: David Weidner, WSJ, re Goldman Sachs recommended for investors?  Why now, why this bank?

935P: Julian Angwin, WSJ, why are they collecting our license plate numbers in digital databanks using surveillance cameras?  "During the past five years, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has distributed more than $50 million in federal grants to law-enforcement agencies—ranging from sprawling Los Angeles to little Crisp County, Ga., pop. 23,000—for automated license-plate recognition systems. A 2010 study estimates that more than a third of large U.S. police agencies use automated plate-reading systems.  The information captured is considerable. Through a public-records act request, The Journal obtained two years' worth of plate information from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in California. From Sept. 10, 2010, to Aug. 27, 2012, the sheriff's cameras captured about 6 million license-plate scans."

950P: Lee Spears, Bloomberg, the declining IPO markets worldwide and why?

Narsaq, Greenland, where the retreat of the summertime ice both damages and encourages local development.

1005P  Somini Sengupta, NYT, Facebook meets Mad Men, making its pitch for advertising growth, how is it received, what ideas does FB have to grow revenue and stock price, what is re-targeting?

1020P: Elizabeth Rosenthal, NYT, re the Greenland Ice sheet is melting, what now for Greenland citizens, mining?

In contrast to the rest of Greenland, the wider Narsaq area has a relatively extensive network of traversable dirt and gravel roads, totalling over 120 kilometers and requiring DKK 500,000 annually for service.[12] The longest stretch of road envelopes the northern end of Tunulliarfik Fjord, and connects the sheep farms of Qassiarsuk with the airport of Narsarsuaq. The roads are generally of poor construction, lacking crossfall for drainage, and using softer sandstone instead of harder granite, creating severe dust problems in the summer. For general transportation all-terrain vehicles are recommended. During winter dog sled routes are important transport links to the surrounding area.

1035P:  Max Abelson, Bloomberg, re bank earnings exploding to $63 billion for six big banks, so what is the problem, why are they gloomy, why is the stock price below book value for Citi and GS and others?

 1050P: Scott Powell, Discovery Institute, what is Dodd-Frank and what is the C F P B and what will it do for you and against you?  Student loan forgiveness?? More loans for housing? What can go wrong?

1105P: Anna Nemtsova, Newsweek International, re the ongoing Pussy Riot brouhaha in Moscow, how it has ignited the art scene, the continued pursuit of the unmasked perps by Putin police.

1120P: Anna Nemtsova continued.

1135P: Chris Gadomski, Bloomberg New Energy, report on the building of nuke energy planets in North Africa and Middle East, aggressive plans for the next 20 years.

1150P: Peter Burrows, Bloomberg Businessweek, how is new Apple CEO Tim Cook doing with the rivalries of the Jobs hired lieutenants, what of the future products?

1205A: David Henderson, Hoover, what of the bottom 1%, they are in jail, what can be done to give them an income, do they deserve 72 cents and hour?

1220A: David Weidner, WSJ, re Goldman Sachs recommended for investors?  Why now, why this bank?

1235A: Mark Schroder,, what is the security status of Somalia and Kenya, what of the retreat of Al Shabaab, is there stability in Black Hawk Down Somalia, what explains the improved security, African Union, what of the liberation of the port of Kismayo.

On Saturday, al-Shabaab posted on its Twitter account that it had ceased administrative services in the city. "Last night, after more than 5 years the Islamic administration in Kismayo closed its offices," the group posted.

Residents also reported that al-Shabaab-run radio station Radio Andalus has fallen silent and that fighters had left the town, AFP reported.

The Somali government has said it currently controls the city, while the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) maintains that its forces are still working to fill the vacuum left by al-Shabaab's desertion. 

1250: Bob Zimmerman, Polar Bear Fraud by global warmists, and scientific paper fraud on the rise.