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Sunday 9 December 2012

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December 09, 2012

Photo, above: most revered cliff of Western antiquity, Gibraltar


Guest-host: Francis Rose, Federal News Radio

Co-host: Jim McTague, Barron's Washington

Photo, below: wildly vertiginous cliff skywalk, China

Sunday  905PM Eastern (605P Pacific):  Francis Rose & Jim McTague; in re: the yawning gap in the fiscal cliff


Sunday 920PM Eastern (620P Pacific):  Gordon Chang,, in re: leadership reform in China. Xi Jinping just affably and fairly informally toured two provinces – with a strike in one, where demonstrators were codged over the head and generally brutalized.  Wang [Xi-shang?] made head of China's natl anticorruption efforts; will he go after corruption of senior leaders?   Chinese Communist Party is determined to hold on to power at all costs.  Bo Xilai's billions; also intrigue, murder, lust, treason.

Sunday 935PM Eastern (635P Pacific): David Hawkings, CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing editor, in re: latest on fiscal cliff, sequestration, and more.

Sunday 950PM Eastern (650P Pacific): Dr. Michele Dunne, director of the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, in re: Egypt, Morsi’s constitution gambit, and civilian/military stability in Egypt.

Sunday 1005PM EDT (705P Pacific): Francis Rose & Jim McTague, in re: Jim’s latest piece on who might be the next Secretary of the Treasury 

Sunday 1020PM EDT (720P Pacific): Claudia Rosett, Journalist in Residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, in re: UN telecom conference to censor, monitor, and control the Internet.  ITU (International Telecommunication Union) spent $900K to help Saddam, racked up $10mil in administrative costs. ITU demands to be toll-keeper for global Net activity. A complete perversion of the original intent in designing the United Nations.  Conference has already overridden a joint proposal by US and Canada simply to keep the Internet out of it.   Best move for the US: simply withdraw from and leave the ITU. (Precedent: US withdrew from UNESCO some years ago when it became visibly, incorrigibly corrupt. "It should be recalled Ronald Reagan withdrew the United States from UNESCO in the 1980s because it was among the worst examples of the world body’s incompetence.")  ;

Photo, right: Anasazi cliff dwelling, northern Arizona

Sunday 1035PM EDT (735P Pacific): Guy Ben-Ari, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group, Center for Strategic and International Studies, in re: seeing the Iron Dome in action; potential future uses and implications of missile defense

Sunday 1050PM EDT (750P Pacific): Steve Bucci, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow for defense and homeland security; in re: on White House executive order on cybersecurity

Sunday 1105PM EDT (805P Pacific): Gordon Adams, American University, School of International Science, Fellow at the Stimson Center, in re: guidance from OMB on sequestration

Sunday 1120PM EDT (820P Pacific): Jonelle Marte, Smart Money magazine and, in re: her list of ten things your cable company won’t tell you

Photo, below: Creative mode of cliff-crashing

Sunday 1135PM EDT (835P Pacific): Stephen Saideman, Carleton University (Ottawa), Paterson Chair in International Affairs; in re: the Canadian perspective on the F-35 program 

Sunday 1150PM EDT (850P Pacific): Morley Winograd, University of Southern California, Annenberg School’s Center on Communication Leadership and Policy; co-author, Millenial Momentum: How a Generation Is Remaking America; in re: the thinking of young people on election results, fiscal cliff, and their expectations of government and leadership. Quotes Margaret Hoover.

Sunday/Mon 1205AM EDT (905 Pacific): Francis Rose & Jim McTague; in re: the yawning gap in the fiscal cliff


Sunday/Mon 1220AM EDT (920 Pacific): Gordon Chang,, in re: leadership reform in China

Sunday/Mon 1235AM EDT (935P Pacific): Dr. Michele Dunne, director of the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, in re: Egypt, Morsi’s constitution gambit, and civilian/military stability in Egypt.

​Photo, below: insde the Washington studio graced by Francis Rose and Jim McTague this evening.

Sunday/Mon 1250AM EDT (950P Pacific): General Dale Meyerrose (USAF ret.), Meyerrose Group president; former Chief Information Officer at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; in re: the Pentagon’s delegation of responsibility for cybersecurity in the military.    

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Photo, below:  Rogers Rock is a 700' slab that rises vertically out of northern Lake George, village of Hague, Adirondack State Park, northern New York State.  Rogers' Rangers was an independent company of colonial militia, attached to the British Army during the Seven Years War (called the French and Indian War in the United States). The unit was informally trained by Major Robert Rogers as a rapidly deployable light infantry force tasked with reconnaissance and conducting special operations against distant targets. A favorite tale is that, rapidly escaping pursuit by Indians (Haudenosaunee), Rogers reached a formidable rock face dropping precipitously into Lake George; electing to survive, he slid 400 feet (120 m) down the side of the mountain to the frozen surface of Lake George. His feat is still much admired by locals, climbers, kayakers, and amateur historians.  The daunting rock is known as "Rogers' Slide" or "Rogers Rock."