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Thursday 18 May 2023

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May 18, 2023




1/2: #Ukraine: China at the peace table before and after the counter offensive. Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute




2/2: #Ukraine: China at the peace table before and after the counter offensive. Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute




#Italy: Heavy flooding around Bologna and in the Po River Valley. Lorenzo Fiori, Ansaldo Foundation.


#HotelMars: Parade of the private space stations in Earth Orbit. RSafe is not an Option." David Livingston,





#Cuba: The spontaneous rising up of people shouting " Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ



#DC: The many definitions possible for  "Common Good Capitalism." Veronique de Rugy, Mercatus Center



#ScalaReport: The "doom loop" crisis in major American cities, starting with SF. Chris Riegel, CEO #Stratacache.


#Russia: The Kremlin begins confiscation of assets of investors. Michael Bernstam, Hoover



#Gaza: The IDF firefight with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Lazar Berman, Times of Israel. Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @mhoenlein1

Lazar Berman- Lazar Berman is the diplomatic correspondent at the Times of Israel, and is a Phd candidate in the War Studies program at King's College London. Prior to this role, he was the Head of Joint Learning at the IDF's General Staff think tank, the Dado Center. During his IDF service, he was an infantry officer in the Givati Brigade and the Bedouin Reconnaissance Battalion, and is currently a reserve captain in the Commando Brigade. Lazar also taught at Salahuddin University in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.


#Turkey: Erdogan after the election. Svante Cornel, American Foreign Policy Council. Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @mhoenlein1

Svante E. Cornell is a co-founder and Director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy. He is the Director of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, the Joint Center operated by ISDP in cooperation with the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC). Dr. Cornell is also a Senior Fellow for Eurasia at AFPC. His main areas of expertise are security issues and politics in Southwest and Central Asia, with a specific focus on the Caucasus and Turkey. He is the Editor in Chief of the Joint Center’s bi-weekly publications, the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst and Turkey Analyst, and oversees the Joint Center’s Silk Road Papers series of occasional papers.


#Israel: The JCPOA in 2023 & What is to be done? Josh Gottheimer, Fifth Congressional District of New Jersey. Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @mhoenlein1

Josh Gottheimer represents New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District in the northern part of the state, which includes parts of Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex counties. In Congress, Josh serves on two Committees, including the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is the Ranking Member of the National Security Agency and Cyber Subcommittee, and is a member of the National Intelligence Enterprise Subcommittee. Josh also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, where he is a member of the Subcommittee on National Security, Illicit Finance, and International Financial Institutions, the Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion, and the Subcommittee on Capital Markets.
Josh serves as Co-Chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, where he promotes common sense over extremism, and works across party lines on key issues, including lowering taxes, protecting our environment, making healthcare more affordable, protecting America’s national security, and improving infrastructure to help the American people.


#Jerusalem. December 11, 19`7 and the liberation from 400 years of Ottoman brutality. Lenny Ben-David. Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @mhoenlein1

Lenny Ben-David is the Director of the Institute for U.S.-Israel Relations at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is the author of the book American Interests in the Holy Land Revealed in Early Photographs, and he is completing his next book, Secrets of World War I in the Holy Land Revealed in Early Photographs. He worked for AIPAC for 25 years in Washington and Jerusalem. In 1997, he left to open an independent consulting firm, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tapped him to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff in Israel’s Washington Embassy.



#Canada: What is "safer supply" & What is tpo be done? Conrad Black, National Post


#Russia: #PRC: Moscow and Beijing in Africa, gunplay and debt. Tom Henriksen, Hoove


#France:  Macron hesitates on Green. Simon Constable.

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#Ukraine: Russian crimes in a new documentary by Bernard Henri-Levy. Josh Rogin, Washington Post